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Is e-Learning an Option for You? June 17, 2012

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there are many advantages offered to the student through online learning over the traditional college experience. Here are a few of those advantages in taking your education online.

An Online Education Provides the Following Advantages:

– allows you the freedom to control your educational future.
– provides flexibility to learn  at your own pace
– the focus is on the individual learning experience
– the classroom can be anywhere you happen to be
– educators are available 24/7
– saves a fortune on commuting and parking
– enhanced computer and software skills

There are many more advantages, too numerous to mention here.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking online classes will be easier than those traditional classes. They are not. Here are a few tips to help you keep your head above water while taking your classes:

Learn to Manage Your Time

While you do have a great deal of flexibility with online college classes, it is vitally important that you learn to manage your time. it is best if you can set aside regular blocks of time for a particular class. Never allow the fact that you are given flexibility, cause you to become reckless with your time.

Stay Focused

online learning is new and difficult experience for most people. It is important that you were disciplined and determined before going in to this, that you will see it through to completion. The blessing of not having instructors standing over you, can also be a curse.

Manage Your Study Environment

set aside a space devoted just for learning. you’ll need to minimize any possible distraction so you can focus on your studies. You’ll want to put away anything else that might distract you from your studies. Keep all distractions out of sight. This immediate environment should be get voted purely to learning.

Develop Your Internet Skills

if you’re not already comfortable with the various programs you may need for your course studies, learn to use them. Most of these skills are well known to those who spend any time on the computer at all, but some software may require a little learning curve. It’s important that you become thoroughly familiar with word processor software such as Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

Stay Motivated

your greatest enemy in online learning is staying motivated. It’s important that you see yourself at tempting class. Do not treat this as if you are simply browsing the web. You must see yourself as if you are going to a real classroom, and you are because that’s what you’re paying for. Treat your online classes with respect, then you will guarantee your success.

Take Classes Absolutely Free!

Most people don’t know they can electronically sit in on a class from a major university. In fact, there are hundreds from which to choose. While these classes aren’t intended for credit, you can take free online college classes for credit if you know how.  While you can’t get credit from these schools that provide free classes, you can take tests that prove your knowledge and gain college credit for that knowledge! It doesn’t matter how you gain that knowledge. If you acquire it from free classes you’ve taken over the internet, so much the better. The link will take you to a site that will explain this in detail.


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